Online training is a great way to learn new things, upskill and get qualified, while you manage your everyday life schedule.

You can train at your own pace, at home, or wherever best suits you, without having to commit to classroom training sessions.

At Flexible Business Learning, we recognise that along the way, you may need trainer support to help you through roadblocks, or clarify things you may not understand, so we have trainers available to you, to support your training pathway.

It is important to stay focused and on-track with your training, so here are some tips we have put together to help you succeed!

Make sure you have reliable internet

With a reliable internet, your training will be a lot easier.  Remember to save work as you go, to avoid any computer glitches that sometimes happen.

Schedule your training

Be consistent and schedule some time each week to commit to your training.  We recommend you create a timetable around when you have free time to study and balance around your everyday life.  If you are a morning person, book in some time on your weekends, before you get out and about.  Likewise, if you prefer to study at night, allocate a night or nights to do so.

Find a Quiet Place

It may be fun to study in the living room when everyone is watching TV, but are you really studying effectively?  To properly focus on your subject, find a regular space and time where you can expect peace and quietness.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid taking calls, checking in on social media and internet/tv during your allocated study time.  You will be surprised at how much you can achieve in say just one hour, if you are not distracted by external interruptions.

Follow your Training Plan

When you enrol, you will be given a training plan with a timeline to follow.  This will also help you stay on-track.  The more you stay on schedule, the less stressful your training experience will be.

Ask questions

There will be times when you are unsure of what is required from your lessons.  If you are ever struggling to figure something out on your own, just ask a question.

Reward yourself

Putting in solid hours of self-directed learning is an achievement. Working towards a qualification and a better career means something. So celebrate your online study milestones and successes. You’ve earned a reward for discipline and effort.

Have fun

You’re much more likely to put in solid hours studying if you generally enjoy it. If coffee or a little light music helps, go for it. Learning should be a rewarding activity in itself. Study for personal enrichment as well as to pass the online course.

We look forward to helping you achieve your career and study goals.

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