Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Why choose this program?

This program teaches adults how to provide initial support to adults who are developing any of the following mental health problems, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or mental health crises:

Depression, Anxiety problems, Psychosis, Substance use problems.

Suicidal thoughts and behaviours, Non-suicidal self-injury, Panic attacks, Traumatic events, Severe psychotic states, Severe effects from alcohol or other drug use, Aggressive behaviours.

This Mental Health First Aid Program workshop component will be delivered by a local, qualified specialist Mental Health Service Provider.

Our facilitator is currently working as a Western NSW Area Manager for a National Disability Service Provider.

In addition to his 10 years of experience in the Disability sector, he has published numerous research publications and presented at National and International Mental Health conferences

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This Program teaches adults how to provide mental health first aid to friends, family and co-workers.

Mental health first aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

The first aid is given until the appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

Participants will learn the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, where and how to get help and what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective

Who Can Attend the Course?

Any interested adult can attend, there are no prerequisites for this course.

For more information or to book your place in the program, contact Camilla or Jane on 02 4934 9999 or email us on

Workshop Location:

Maitland NSW or we are open to offer delivery in other areas as well.


$290 per person

I highly recommend the program. It was a great weekend in a relaxed, supportive environment (considering the topics covered).  The stand-out aspect of the program was learning deeper about depression and anxiety.  The trainer was an excellent presenter, he was very knowledgeable about the subject.

I have spent my weekend completing a course in Mental Health First Aid and I would recommend it to everyone, whilst I’m no expert, I’ve learned a lot about human behavior and recognition in my life (and will continue to learn more) but I got so much out of this weekend.

Chris – Glendale

Great Experience – I highly recommend the program.  Gives great insight to Mental Illness and how to manage it in certain situations.  

The stand-out aspect of the program was the information and detail.  The facilitator showed respect with all questions we asked and explained in detail if we were stuck or needed more clarification.  The pictures and graphs used were perfect and content was amazing.

Vanessa – Abermain

I highly recommend the program, its a very worthwhile course.  The stand-out aspect of the program was outlining the importance of communication and asking direct honest questions particularly about the mental state of the person.  The trainer was very knowledgeable and experienced, but also someone who is passionate about helping people.  This is a very worthwhile course which gives a greater understanding of mental health issues and my ability to provide assistance.

Rob – Maitland