Frequently Asked Questions


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What do I get when I graduate?2019-07-11T16:59:04+10:00

After you have submitted your assessments and completed any other additional requirements and have been deemed Competent, you will receive a nationally recognised Record of Transcript and Certificate.

What do I bring to the class?2019-07-11T16:59:41+10:00

For class-based training, all the learning material will be provided.  Please along any of the pre-reading material (if applicable) and some writing material if you want to take any notes during the course. Our classes start promptly so don’t be late!

Does the advertised price include the workbooks and all materials I need?2017-08-21T21:15:37+10:00

Yes, everything is included. Workbooks are all included. You do not have to worry about “surprising extras” once you start with us.

How do I pay for the course?2019-07-11T17:30:33+10:00

Payments need to be made for our short courses with a credit card.

For full qualifications, you will be invoiced once you have been enrolled in the program.

Can I seek credits for other units already achieved?2017-08-21T21:14:22+10:00

Yes. Obtaining credit for units already achieved is possible but candidates must have the exact unit name and unit code for this to be granted. An earlier version of any of the listed units in the qualifications will not count towards credit. You must hold the current unit in order for credit to be granted. If a candidate is successful in being granted a credit, the saving for them may be a saving in time and will not result in the course fee being reduced.

Are the courses nationally recognised?2019-07-11T17:47:53+10:00

Yes. FBLearning is a Registered Training Organisations delivering full and partial Qualifications. Our training programs are nationally accredited with ASQA. We specialise in providing intensive training programs to achieve timely and cost effective solutions for our clients.